premises credentials to log in to office 365 but you're not actually doing a single sign-on unless you're doing happen they are using the web client to this is a new ones that you need tube aware of because C4040-252 there's a lot of confusion about18 PDFs can do happen and especially for Outlook which is when you're actually kind of mean told that you're working with when you're moving climbs up into the clout that password prompt sometimes not expected hands know any stare that you can see the password so that you can bypass it but happen rather talk about seems an on which makes it less confusing if we are talking yes now this is little bit a primer about the different identity options state you have an office 365 so I suggest that we move on to the next topic which is their sink an where all give a little overviewbefore diving into a demo and show you what your sink can do for you so basically their sink easy a directory synchronization engine based on Forefront Identity Management and he will synchronize at least a subset of here on prime secular tree with now we know ..